The importance of color in flag customization
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The importance of color in flag customization

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When customizing flags, the message conveyed by color has a great impact on us. In daily life, food, clothing, housing, transportation and entertainment are closely related to color. Now people pay more attention to color matching. How to use color to express themselves, create personality and make themselves more unique are important parts of understanding color. By understanding color, life will become colorful.

The customized chromaticity of flags, abbreviated as C, can also be said to be the saturation of colors and the difference between pure and impure colors in order to distinguish the degree of bright colors. Pure color gives play to its inherent characteristics, in which there is no mixing of black and white, and the color reaching saturation or pure color. That is, when pure colors are mixed with black, gray, white or other colors, the chromaticity will be reduced. In this case, pink, pink blue, pink green and other colors are low chromaticity colors. The chromaticity of yellow is the highest, followed by orange, red, green and purple.


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